Regions & Towns

Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

The Cape Cod regions, consisting of Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are a joy to visit. Enjoy amazing mini golf, even more amazing regular golf, beautiful beaches with rolling dunes, legendary seafood, homemade ice cream, countless child-friendly activities, the world’s most romantic places to stay, pristine conservation land, and fantastic water sports.


Why do visitors return to Cape Cod? Perhaps for its beautiful beaches, still classified among the most beautiful in the United States. Perhaps for all the activities: cycling, kayaking, whale watching cruises, golf, drive-in movies…and of course the fresh seafood. Perhaps it is because the place is so special that as you leave, you are already planning your return.


Once on the island, the locals call ‘The Vineyard’, you won’t want to leave. The island is just 45 minutes by ferry from Cape Cod! Enjoy white sand beaches, sailboats, gingerbread cottages, lighthouses in the sunset, the local market, and the oldest carousel in the USA.


Nantucket Island, located only 30 miles from the coast of Cape Cod, is a world apart. A perfect world, where the beaches and lighthouses look as good as postcards and where life moves at a slower pace. Would it be “the best island in the world”? According to National Geographic, Yes. Do you know that you don’t even have need of a car on Nantucket? The ideal: take the ferry with a bike and a picnic basket. Swimming, surfing, shopping, fishing and fresh seafood is the best way to spend a beautiful day, or a week.