• Swan Boats, Public Garden

  • Zakim Bridge

  • Public Garden

Regions & Towns

Greater Boston & Cambridge

If you have already visited Boston, it has surely become one of your favorite places in the world. Locals say ask 10 people what they like in Boston and you’ll probably obtain 10 different answers. Historic Boston: From the Freedom Trail and Boston Tea Party to the JFK Museum.  Boston is a sports lover’s paradise: American football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, sailing and many more.  There is sophisticated Boston: with more than 50 universities and schools in the region of Boston, including Harvard and MIT. Boston is an original: visitors can take a duck tour, a segway tour, ride a swan boat or take a chocolate tour. Shop Boston with tax free shopping and search for bargains on Newbury Street.  Like any big city, Boston also has artistic life, nightlife and very good restaurants, with all the warmth of a small town. Boston is unique!